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Cargo Elevator

Stable MRL Cargo Elevator

FJ-29 Cargo Elevator

Ceiling: Painted Steel (color optional)

Cabin: Painted Steel  (color optional)

Lighting:Energy-saving down light (color optional)

Car Door: Painted Steel( (color optional)

Floor: Checkered Steel Floor (color optional)


AC Drive type cargo elevator

FJ-01 Cargo Elevator

Design style: modern

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Drive type: AC

Opening method: two-speed center opening

After-sales service: online technical support, on-site training, free spare parts

Fuji Cargo Elevator


Our commercial cargo lifts are designed to be both rugged and high-quality. These lifts can be installed in any type of work environment, including open warehouses that are exposed to the elements. Anti-skid materials are often implemented on the lifts to protect workers from slipping. High winds are no match for lifts that have been crafted to withstand bumps and continuous movement. In addition, strong metals incorporated into the designs ensure that your lift will remain functional for years to come. All of these elements allow employees to continue working through potentially challenging scenarios so that your bottom line is never threatened.


Features associated with a Fuji Lifts cargo elevator can offer convenience, safety, and opportunities for customization that can support your particular business. Remotes can simplify the work process, as they allow the cargo lift to move up and down without requiring an employee to operate the elevator from the inside. Since operation of the lift can take place without direct human contact, fragile cargo can be loaded onto the elevator and independently transferred to reduce potential breakage and accidents. Safety lights, locks, and brakes can further safeguard the integrity of cargo while also providing the foundation for a hazard-free work environment.


We at Fuji Lifts are committed to bringing you the very best in commercial equipment. By installing one of our cargo lifts, you can be sure that your materials, inventory, or fragile cargo will be moved to their destinations quickly and with ease. Contact us today for a quote on a particular cargo elevator or if you have any questions about our simple ordering process. You may also request a free catalog to view our entire inventory, including high-capacity freight elevators.


China MRL Cargo Elevator OEM


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