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Home Elevator

PVC Home Elevator

FJ-19 Home Elevator

Car Wall: Wood+Mirror

Ceiling: Painted Steel Plate+Lighting

Handrail: Without

Floor: PVC

PVC Floor Cozy Home Elevator

FJ-09 Home Elevator

Car Wall: Hairline St. St+ mirror etching

Ceiling: Hairline St. St+Acrylic+LED Lighting

Handrail: Without

Floor: PVC

cozy Home Elevator without Handrail

FJ-10 Home Elevator

Car Wall: Gold Mirror Etching St. St.

Ceiling: Gold Mirror St. St. frame+LED Lighting

Handrail: Gold Mirror St. St.  + Wood

Floor: PVC

Golden St. St. Round Handrail Cozy Home Elevator

FJ-11 Home Elevator

Car Wall: Wood+ Mirror St. St.

Ceiling: Wood+ LED Lighting

Handrail: Golden St. St. Round Handrail

Floor: PVC

Rose gold Mirror Etching St. St. Car Wall Cozy Home Elevator

FJ-12 Home Elevator

Car Wall: Mirror St. St. + Rose gold Mirror Etching St. St. + Wooden Color Patern St. St.

Ceiling: White paint+LED Lighting+ Mirror St. St.

Handrail: Craft Handrail

Floor: PVC

Hairline St. St. Flat Handrial Cozy Home Elevator

FJ-13 Home Elevator

Car Wall:  Mirror Etching+ Gold Mirror St. St.

Ceiling:  Gold Mirror St. St. +Acrylic +LED Lighting

Handrail: Hairline St. St. Flat Handrial

Floor: PVC

Fuji Home Elevator


Fuji Home Elevator is an innovative and unique residential elevator that can fit easily into your home. Our residential elevators are designed to help you stay in the home you love when the stairs become too much. Attractive and effective, the home elevators are an affordable alternative to a stair lift.


Residential elevators by Fuji can also improve your lifestyle if you are looking for a faster and more convenient way of getting between floors. Unlike stair lifts, our spacious in-home lifts can carry two or three people and a wheelchair if required. You can even fit in a vacuum cleaner and the family pet too!


China MRL Home Elevator wholesale


Fuji is a leading China MRL Home Elevator wholesaler that focuses on Home Elevator. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products.


We focus on developing new products with a variety of product lines and preferential prices.



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