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Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevator Manufacturers

Fuji Elevator is a professional supplier of cozy Hospital Elevator, with good quality and low price. We sincerely recruit domestic and foreign agents. cozy Hospital Elevator products are exported to dozens of foreign countries and regions. Welcome to contact us for cooperation.

Fuji Hospital Elevator


Hospital Elevator are elevators that are suitable to carry the stretcher and wheelchair along with few persons, from one place to another or from one level to another level in a prompt manner. In hospitals have separate passenger or bed elevators, the bed elevator is usually reserved for patients only. Hospital elevators are available in different ranging capacity from 1000 kgs and 1800 kgs.


Most Hospital bed elevator speed are slightly slower than passenger elevators speed, to make the patient feel comfortable when riding in the elevator. We manufacture and supply hospital elevators with dust proof equipments as per our customer requirements.


China MRL Hospital Elevator supplier


Fuji is a leading China MRL Hospital Elevator supplier that focuses on Hospital Elevator. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish competitive advantage, and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition.


We believe that innovation leads development, and we continue to create new products to meet the needs of more customers. Our products can meet the needs of different customers.



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